Socal28's RL

Interior and license plate LED lighting

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Here are the LED's I'm using in my RL.
Note, there are numerous other units that can be used with different prices and brightness.  I'm just listing what I'm using.
Use this information at your discretion!

All color is "Super White" or just "White".
All units are of type "194" or "T10" with the exception of the rear overhead door/map light which is 1 1/4" or 31mm festoon.

Front overhead door/map:   2x - 6 Ultra Bright S.M.T. L.E.D. T10 Wedge LED Light Bulb
                                           Product Code: 78564

Rear overhead door/map:  2x - Festoon Super Flux 4 LED Light 1 1/4 Inches / 31 mm
                                         Product Code: 48759
                If I were to purchuse replacements now, I'll probably try these:
                Festoon SMT 6 Ultra Bright 1 1/4 Inches or 31 mm
                Product Code: 34753

Door markers:  4x - 1/2 Watt T10 Wedge High Power LED Light
                        Product Code: 78567

License plate:  2x - 4 SMD 1201 L.E.D.s Forward Firing T10 Wedge LED Light
                       Product Code: 59705

            Part ID: 194_4_HPF_W
           Warning, these are really bright!  (I've also had 1 fail as well, but vled replaced it for free.)
            You can use the same LED's as the front overhead dome if you want.
            Vice versa if you want something brighter in the front overhead dome.

Front overhead door/map:

Door markers:

Rear overhead door/map:
I'm currently using 2 different versions, but any 1 1/4"/31mm Festoon should work.

License plate:


Hope this information helps.
Any questions, feel free to email me.

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